About Premier Window Cleaning

We are a company with 25 years of experience in window cleaning and in that time we have seen the industry change an enormous amount. With the arrival of the water fed pole, window cleaners no longer have to take their lives in their hands by using ladders on uneven ground. It also means that there is no reason why you can’t have, not just your windows, but also your frames, sills, doors and even porch and garage door cleaned at the same time.

You have a new house and we want to help you keep it all in the excellent condition you bought it in. By cleaning 4 weekly, dirt doesn’t have a chance to get ingrained and cause a permanent mark.

How We Work

We use water fed poles with soft brush heads spraying purified water onto the window so that no marks are left behind. This means that we never use anything abrasive when we clean the windows or wash your frames or doors and there are no ladders to leave marks on your walls or in your lawn.

We will do our best to get to a regular 4 weekly rota so that you know what day we will arrive but it will take us a few months to get to that stage if we have just started in your area. We apologise for any inconvenience that that may cause but we will always email the day before our visit to let you know we will be coming.

Go Cardless

For your security and convenience, we do not take your bank details personally. It is all done through GoCardless.com, a trusted and secure company as used by Virgin, The Financial Times and HM Government amongst many others.

We will send you an email containing your own personal link to GoCardless for you to set up an account with them. This is very simple and puts you in control of the payments.

We ask that you set up your GoCardless account after the 1st clean at the latest. Please be assured, though, that we will only take payment from you after the windows are cleaned for the 4th time and after each clean from there on and GoCardless will email you before each payment is taken. This leaves you in complete control.

Using this method makes making payments to Premier much easier for us and for you as the customer.


We are proud to offer the very best window cleaning service. We recognise that a good window cleaning company is about more than just getting the glass clean. We want you to be pleased with Premier every time you deal with us about anything. Our commitment to this is what makes us the best.

We know we are experts at cleaning glass. Our Quality Guarantee means that if you are not happy with results of your windows we will come back and do them again, and again until you are happy. If we don’t, then don’t pay us.*

*Some ‘dirt’ simply is not removable this is called ‘impact debris’ (this would include things like paint, cement, oxidation from other surfaces, lime scale) These will Not come off with standard cleaning but we are happy to give you a price for removing such things where it is possible to do so. If we are only cleaning one side of the glass, perhaps the outside, we respectfully ask that you make sure any dirt or smears are not on the other side.


As stated above we only use soft brushes and purified water and occasionally microfibre clothes to clean your windows, so our work cannot cause scratches. However, if there is a scratch in the glass, it generally is less visible when the window is dirty. Our cleaning will wash the dirt out of the scratch and it is more likely to catch the light and be visible. This will be a problem for your builder to deal with but we will happily write a report to state the situation which should help you in any discussion you have with the house builder.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Samples of our detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements can be provided on request. Site specific RAs and MSs can be prepared if necessary.


You can cancel our services at any time. We kindly ask that you give us as much notice as you can. If you contact us by email then both you and us will have a record of it.